Bioregulators for Crop Protection and Pest Control (1994)

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"THE ACS SYMPOSIUM SERIES was first published in 1974 to provide a mechanism for publishing symposia quickly in book form. The purpose of this series is to publish comprehensive books developed from symposia, which are usually "snapshots in time" of the current research being done on a topic, plus some review material on the topic...

This book includes a tutorial chapter on the development of plant growth regulators and secions on current applications of plant growth regulators to crop production, natural products as emerging bioregulators of crop production, and mechanisms of interactions of natural bioregulators and their hosts..."

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Editor: Paul A. Hedin

Vydavateľ: American Chemical Society, Washington, DC

Rok vydania: 1994

Edícia: ACS Smposium Series 557

Vydanie: prvé

Počet strán: 224

Stav: príjemný (bez vpisov a bez pečiatok)

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  1. Plant Growth Regulators in Agriculture and Horticulture
  2. New Chemical Approaches for Control of Biennial Bearing of Apples
  3. Bioregulator-Inducet Changes in the Composition of Sugarcane: Effects of Tops on Processing
  4. Use of Gibberellic Acid To Reduce Citrus Fruit Susceptibility to Fruit Flies
  5. Bioregulator-Induced Effects on the Allelochemicals and Agronomic Traits of Cotton
  6. Endophytic Fungi of Pacific Yew as a Source of Taxol, Taxanes, and Other Pharmacophores
  7. Effects on Neem and Azadirachtin on Aphids and Their Natural Enemies
  8. Strucural Requirements for Monoterpenoid Activity against Insects
  9. Characterization of Natural Pesticide from Nicotiana gossei
  10. New Flavone C-Glycosides from Corn for the Control of the Corn Earworm
  11. Inhibition of Phytotoxin Biosynthesis in the Biocontrol Agent Glicladium virens
  12. After Discovery: The Issue of Suppley Strategies in the Development of Natural Products
  13. Development of Economical Population Control of Codling Moth by Disrupting Communication with Semiochemicals
  14. Metabolites of Pseudomonas corrugata That Elicit Plant Defense Reactions
  15. Machanisms of Heliothis virescens Resistance to Exogenous Ecdysteroids
  16. Biochemical Characterization of Auxin Transport Protein Using Phytotropins

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Kategória: Antikvariát
Miesto vydania: Washington
Rok vydania: 1994
Vydanie: prvé
Jazyk: anglický
Väzba: tvrdá
Stav: príjemný

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