John McCain, Mark Salter - Worth the Fighting for: a memoir (2002)

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Memoár amerického republikánskeho politika a senátora, ktorý je veteránom z vojny vo Vietname (5,5 roka bol vojnovým zajatcom). 

Vydavateľ: Random House, New York

Rok vydania: 2002

Počet strán: 396

Stav: veľmi príjemný (bez vpisov a bez pečiatok, na prvej strane je nalepený ústrižok z novín - citát McCaina)

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"After five and a half years as a prisoner of war in Vietnam, naval aviator John McCain returned home a changed man. Regaining his health and flight-eligibility status, he resumed his military career, commanding carrier pilots and serving as the navy’s liaison to what is sometimes ironically called the world’s most exclusive club, the United States Senate. Accompanying Senators John Tower and Henry “Scoop” Jackson on international trips, McCain began his political education in the company of two masters, leaders whose standards he would strive to maintain upon his election to the U.S. Congress. There, he learned valuable lessons in cooperation from a good-humored congressman from the other party, Morris Udall. In 1986, McCain was elected to the U.S. Senate, inheriting the seat of another role model, Barry Goldwater.

During his time in public office, McCain has seen acts of principle and acts of craven self-interest. He describes both ex-tremes in these pages, with his characteristic straight talk and humor. He writes honestly of the lowest point in his career, the Keating Five savings and loan debacle, as well as his triumphant moments—his return to Vietnam and his efforts to normalize relations between the U.S. and Vietnamese governments; his fight for campaign finance reform; and his galvanizing bid for the presidency in 2000.

Writes McCain: “A rebel without a cause is just a punk. Whatever you’re called—rebel, unorthodox, nonconformist, radical—it’s all self-indulgence without a good cause to give your life meaning.” This is the story of McCain’s causes, the people who made him do it, and the meaning he found. Worth the Fighting For reminds us of what’s best in America, and in ourselves."

Dodatočné parametre

Kategória: Antikvariát
Autor: John McCain, Mark Salter
Vydavateľ: Random House
Miesto vydania: New York
Rok vydania: 2002
Jazyk: anglický
Väzba: tvrdá
Stav: veľmi príjemný

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